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Valpklass tikar 6-9 månader 2004

Nr 2 Swede Sun´s Garbo

Valp 2

Nice type corr bite Would prefer slightly longer and narrow should Nice profile Beautiful neck Quite well pronounced fore chest A bite soft in shoulder Which could be more angulated And upperarm could be longer Good feet regul. chest A bite more angulations In movement a bit cowhocked

Nr 3 Swede Sun´s Geisha

Valp 1 Hp BIS-valp
Very nice type corr. bite. Nice head Feminine A bit more chiselling in scull eye could be darker Very nice neck regular chest development shoulder could be a litter more angulated and upper arm longer right front foot a little out beautiful underline & topline very nice angulated moves nicely for age.

Nr 4 Sleepwalker´s Herta-Helga

Valp 3
Nice type corr. bite Nice feminine head A bit flat in skull Nice expr. And eyecolur Very nice neck Good ears Well pronounced  fore chest straight shoulder Very short upperarm Good front feet ribs are short and flanked Good topline Beautiful rear And balanced movement because of the front.