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Championklass hanar 2004

Nr 9 JWW-03 SV-03 Norduch Swede Sunīs Adam

Chkl 3 Hp Bhkl 3

Very nice type still corr bite Mask head Would prefer a bit narrow skull & darker eye beautiful neck head & ear set. A bit more fore chest Shoulder could be more angulated & upperarm longer A bit flat ribbing beautiful top & underline Very nice rear angulations Very nice outline quite balanced movement all in all good quality dog.


Nr 10 Such Swede Sunīs Karsten

Chkl 4 Hp Bhkl 4

Beautiful type still corr bite love is head peace Wonderful expr & profile & neck and ear could have more fore chest. More shoulder angulations & longer upperarm Good front feet Good top & underline Nice rear Balanced movement but short steps Stole my heart type wise.


Nr 11 Norduch Swede Sunīs Robert

Chkl 1 Hp Bhkl 1 BIS-1

Corr bite Very much my ideal type Mask but very elegant wonderful head & expr. arching of neck Beautiful acciput could have a bit more fore chest shoulder angul and length of upper arm ribbing could be rounder Beautiful top& underline Very nice rear angul Nice side movement a bit wide in front coming Lovely dog.


Nr 12 JWW-02 Norduv-02 Nordv-02-03 Norduch WW-03

Swede Sunīs Vincent

Chkl 2 Hp Bhkl 2

Beautiful mask type A bite heavy for my taste but very balanced Corr bite Good head A bit narrow the skull Beautiful neck A bit more fore chest shoulder angul and length of upper arm Good front feet Well rounded chest Nice top & underline & rear angulations avedently a quality dog very well shown.


Nr 13 Such Svch Swede Sunīs Xlnt

Chkl R Hp Bhkl R

Very nice type Corr bite Nice headprofile a bite wide in skull Beautiful neck & earsetting quite well pronounced fore chest straight shoulder short upperarm He has bump and right upper arm whish make him stepping when moving on that Good front feet & topline & underline Nice rear unfortunly  uneven front moving.