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Veteranklass tikar 2003

Nr 50 Bazetts Take A Chance

Vetkl 1 Hp
10 ½ years old. Sweet head and exp. Dark eye. Good bite. Prominent sternum. Good ribcage. Moves relatively soundly from the rear. A credit to her age.

Nr 51 Longlow's Doing-The-Right-Thing

Vetkl 3
8 yers old. Good head, eye and ex. Good length of neck. Prominent sternum. Good ribcage long and deep. Slightly straigt in stifles. Moves relatively sound front and rear for age.

Nr 52 Sleepwalker´s Botilda

Vetkl 2
7 year old. Good head, eye and exp. Bite slightly even. Good ribcage. Good length of back. Good bend of stifles. Good front slightly arratic? behind.