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Veteranhanar 2003

Nr 25 Affection´s Dark Worrior

Vetkl 2
Good head and expression. Good length of neck. Level topline. Prominent sternum. Slightly straight in stifles. Moves close behind and wide in front.

Nr 26 Affection´s Forever You

Vetkl 3
Good head, bite and expression. Good leathers. Good length of neck. Prominent sturnum. Good ribcage. Needs more body weight. Straigt in stifles. Moves close behind. Was not reaching in front, caused by a short fore arm


Nr 27 Bazetts Canismajorman

Deltager ej

Nr 28 Bazetts Xman

Substancial  dog. Good head, bite, expression. Good length of neck. Level top line. Lacks forechest and sternum. Good ribcage. Moved relatively sound behind and front.