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Öppenklass hanar 2003

Nr 12 Bazetts CM Bellman

Ökl 1 Hp Bhkl 3
Good head and expression. Good sternum. Correct bite. Good lenght of neck. Good lenght of rib. Good bend of stifle. Would like slightly more length over all. Moved relatively sound.

Nr 13 Ebbazz Paradis Oskar

Ökl R
Good size. Good head and expression spoiled by light eye. Prefer longer leathers. Good ribcage. Prefer more prominent sternum. Hindquarters and stifles making him moves close behind.

Nr 14 Ebbazz Rasmus

Ökl 2 Hp Bhkl 4
Well shaped head slightly spoiled with lack of stop. Eye could be darker. Good length of neck. Level top line. Prominent sternum. Good ribcage. Good hindangulation. Moves shinely in front and rear with drive.

Nr 15 Sleepwalker´s Figaro

Ökl 4
Good head and exp. Good bite. Needs more body conditions. Ribcage needs to sring more. Out of the elbows. Hindangulations acceptable. Pends in  in front when moving.

Nr 16 White Dynamit´s Only you Jäsper

Ökl 3
Good head and expression. Good length of neck and ribcage. Good depth of rib. Moves soundly front and behind. Slightly over furnished on hocks. This could give him the impression of un soundness in hind movement