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Championhanar 2003

Nr 17 Affection's Year of Liberty

Chkl 2 Hp Bhkl R
Good head and ex. Good length of ears. Prefer darker eye for this colour. Good sternum. Good length of back. Well angulated hindquarters. Moves soundly from rear.


Nr 18 Longlow's Extra-!-Read-All-About-It

Chkl Hp
Good head and expression. Good neck. Could do with some more body condition. Good hindquarters. Slightly uneven in front today. Moving shinely behind.

Nr 19 Swede Sunīs Karsten

Chkl Hp
Large heavely boned. Good ribcage. Level top line. Good bend of stifles. Prominent sternum. Very masculine head, good expression. Bite slightly uneven. Moves shinely behind slightly uneven in front.

Nr 20 Swede Sunīs Konrad

Chkl 1 Hp Bhkl 2
Prefer more stop. Good length of neck. Level top line. Prominent sternum. Long deep ribcage. Good bend of stifles. Good expression. Moves soundly front and behind, with drive. Going forward all the time.

Nr 21 Swede Sunīs Robert

Chkl 4 Hp
Good head and expression. Good bite. Good length of neck. Long deep ribcage. Well angulated hinderquarters. Moves soundly front and behind.

Nr 22 Swede Sunīs Vincent

Chkl 3 Hp
Large dog. Good head and bite and ex-. Good length of neck. Level top line. Good length of ribcage. Prominent sternum. Well bend stifles. Moves soundly front and rear, with drive

Nr 23 Swede Sunīs Xlnt

Chkl Hp
Good head, expression and bite. Good sternum. Level top line. Lovley bend of stifles. Would prefer a shorten loin. Moved soundly behind. Slightly lose in front today.

Nr 24 White Dynamitīs William of Nz

Chkl R Hp
Large dog. Good head, bite and expression. Would prefer slightly darker eye. Level top line. Deep ribcage. Well bend stifles. Moves soundly.