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Nr 31Affections All My Loving

Ökk 3 Hp
Tribitch very feminin expression. Dark eye. Good length of ears. Well turned in Average bone. Good topline. Correct tail carriage. All muscled down hindquarters. Moved freely, but a little close in front and behind.

Nr 32 Affection'S Ray Of Light

Ökk 7
Heavey type broken tri bitch. Pleasing head expression. Deep chest. Level topline. Good ribcage. Resonable muscled hindquarters. Carrying a little weight around making her look a little stuffy in neck. Would have moved a little more freely with less weight.

Nr 33 Bazetts Oliwia

Ökk 8
Good size red and white bitch with feminin expression. Prominent occiput but not a lot of fore face wrinkles. Good ribcage and level topline. A little wide in front. Slightly loose of elbow. Lose in movement.


Nr 34 Ebbazz Lilla Ida

Deltog ej.


Nr 35 Ebbazz Madicken

Ökk 1 Hp Btkl 3
Good size red and white bitch with feminine expression. Dark eye and good dark nose. Correct bite. Prominent deep chest. Good ribcage. Level topline. Good tail carriage. Very sound and moved well.


Nr 36 Ebbazz Pippi Långstrump

Deltager ej.

Nr 37 Honeycar's Nameless

Ökk 2 Hp
Very sound red and white. Good shoulder placement. Deep strong chest. Ample bone. Tihgt feet. Good ribcage. Level topline. Correct tail carriage. Moved very well.

Nr 38 Sleepwalker’s Eva

Ökk 4
Pleasable size red and white. Typical female expression. Good length of ears. Level topline. Quite a low hound. Good bend of stifles. Correct tail carriage. Moved with drive, but a little close behind.

Nr 39 Swede Sun's Roxette

Ökk 9
Very feminin locking bitch. Prominent occiput. Dark eye. Mild expression. Good deep chest. Ample bone but tends to stand close in front. Moved freely a little close behind. A little straight in shoulder.

Nr 40 Tuff-Tuffens Filippa

Ökk 6
Heavey boned broken tribitch. Correct female expression. Good length of ears. Deep chest. Good ribcage. Fearly level topline. Carrying some weight on the shoulders, makes her look a bit stuffy in the neck and affects her movement.

Nr 41 White Dynamits Explosiva Beata

Ökk R
Average size red and white. Correct female expression. Very good length of ears. Well turned in. Good straight front. Muscled down hindquarters. Correct tail carriage. Slighty rising topline. Moved reasonably well.