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Nr 6 Ebbazz Paradis Oskar

Ökk 8

Heavey boned tri dog with muscular head. Dark eye. Good ribcage and strong hindquarters, but would not stand. Moved properly.

Nr7 Ebbazz Rasmus

Ökk 2

Eye catching red and white dog with kind expression. Dark eye. Correct bite. Prominent chessbone. Level topline. Musculed up hindquarters. Correct tail carriage. Moved freely and with drive

Nr 8 Cazzim's Chevy Chase

Ökk 7

Strong masculin head with ample wrinkles. Prominent chest. Good bone. Would prefer tighter feet. Moved a little closed behind.

Nr 9  Honeycar's Norton

Ökk 5

Red and white dog. Good strength of foreface. Dark nose. Good bone. Strong hindquarters. Tend to stand a little close behind. Not to happy when going over him.

Nr 10 Sleepwalker’s Elmer

Ökk 4
Very attractive black blanketed dog whit dark eye. Ears could be a little longer. Good ribcage. Very level topline. Moved a little close in front. A little difficult to access he could not stand.

Nr 11Swede Sun's Robert

Ökk 1 Hp Bhkl R
Very sound red and white dog. Prominent occiput. Kind expression. Good length of ears. Well turned in. Good topline. Strong hindquarters. Correct tail carriage. Moved freely and with drive.

Nr 12 Tuff-Tuffens Fabian

Ökk 9
Red and white dog. Dark eye. Ears could be longer. Average bone. Slightly rising topline. Correct tailcarriage. Could not go over him because his temperament.

Nr 13 Voice Of Baritones Don Duarte

Ökk 3
Large tri dog whit masculin head. Dark eye. Good length of ears. Good ribcage. Level topline. Mascular hindquarters. Correct tail carriage. Moved well.

Nr 14 White Dynamit’s Only You Jäsper

Ökk 6
Very heavy boned tri dog with very masculine head but kind expression. Good length of ears. Level topline. Strong hindquarters, but moved a little close behind.