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Nr 2 Bazett´s CM Bellman

Junkk 2
Good boned tricolor dog. Dark eye. Correct bite. Level topline. Little loose in schoulder. Good ribcage. Moved a little closed behind.


Nr 3 Swede Sun’s Vilmer


Deltog ej

Nr 4 JWW-02 Swede Sun's Vincent


Junkl 1 Hp Bhkl 2 BIS-Junior

Very handsome red and white young dog. Good strength of foreface. Correct bite. Prominent chessbone. Good bone and substance. Level topline. Moved very well. But would like a darker eye.



Nr 5 Swede Sun’s Xlnt

Junkk 3

Red and white with ample wrinkles. Good length of ears. Well turned in. Good tail carriage. Slightly rising topline. Could have moved better.