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Nr 42 SUCH Affections Ready for Love

Chkl 2 Hp Btkl 2
Very eyecatching blanket bitch with great substance. Calm expression. Deep strong chest. Good ribcage. Strong hindquarters. Hooks well let down. Correct tail carriage. Moved well.

Nr 43 SUCH Bazetts Wenke

Chkl 3 Hp Btkl 4
Good size. Female expression. Ears carried well turned in. Good reach of neck. Very sound. Strong hindquarters. Hook well let down. Good topline. Moved reasonably well.

Nr 44 SUCH Bazetts Zaga

Chkl 6 Hp
Some what light in bone, with kind expression. Average bone. A little straight in front. Level topline. Strong hindquarters. Moved freely and with drive.

Nr 45 SUCH Sleepwalker’s Botilda

Chkl R Hp
Nice bitch with pleasing feminine expression. Good length of ears. Good reach of neck. Very sound. Strong hindquarters, with hooks well let down. Moved well, but did not carry tail sable fashion.

Nr 46 SUCH NUCH Sleepwalker’s Dorothea

Chkl 4 Hp
Very pleasing red and white bitch. Tending to not stand still, when going over her. Find feminine head. Good occiput. Good reach of neck. Level topline. Correct tail carriage. Look quite well when she stands still. Move freely.

Nr 47 SUCH NUCH SvCH Swede Sun's Kajsa

Chkl 7 Hp
Nice looking bitch. Good length with good rech of neck. Pleasing head texture. Correct bite. Deep chest. Ample bone. Low hound. Quite good topline. Correct tail carriage. Moved quite well.

Nr 48 Nv-99, NV-00, NV-01, SV-00, GBCH, NORDUCH,
Swede Sun’s Klara

Chkl 1 Hp Btkl 1 BIS
Beatyful looking. Very sound red and white. Typical female expression. Good ear carriage. Well turned in. Deep prominent chest. Good length of neck. Strong hindquarters. Perfect topline. Moved very freely and with drive.


Nr 49 SUCH FINUCH SVCH INTUCH Swede Sun´s Älvira

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