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Nr 15 NORDUCH Affections Year of Liberty

Chkl 4 Hp

Average size tri dog with adequate bone. Calm expression. Correct bite. Very good length of ears. Level topline. Well muscled hindquarters. Moved well.



Nr 15b SUCH Longlow's Extra Read All About It


Deltager ej.

Nr 16 SUCH Swede Sun's Karsten

Chkl 5 Hp

Very handsome red and white dog. Strong foreface. Dark eye. Prominent chest. Good bone. Level topline. Correct tailcarriage. A little heavy around his shoulder which affect his movement in front.


Nr 17 WW-00,NV-00,SV-01NORDCH,LUXCH,

FINCH,SCHWCH Swede Sun's Konrad

Chkl 2 Hp Bhkl 3

Very eyecatching red and white dog. Prominent occiput. Dark eyes and nose. Very sound. Exellent topline. Well muscled hindquarters. Correct tail carriage. Moved freely and with drive.


Nr 18 SUCH SVCH Swede Sun's Roger

Chkl 3 Hp Bhkl 4
Average size red and white. Apmle bone. Kind expression. Less defined occiput. Very sound. Quite good topline. Strong hindquarters. Moved a little close behind.

Nr 19 SUCH Swede Sun’s Äskil

Chkl 6 Hp
God size red and white dog. Pronuced occiput. Strong strength of foreface. Dark eye. Prominent chessbone. Quite good topline. Well muscled hindquarters. Could have moved better if he were more settled.

Nr 20 SUCH White Dynamit's William of NZ

Chkl 1 Hp Bhkl 1 BIS-2
Very handsome black blanceted dog. Masculin head. Dark eye. Good length of ears. Well turned in. Good bone. Tight feet. Level topline. Sound hindquarters. Moved very well.